Many people are afraid of steroids, sports nutrition and other substances related to bodybuilding and weightlifting. This is probably due to a great number of myths and rumors that were actively circulating about two decades ago. Now you will learn all the basic myths about steroids, which you will probably believe in any case. Many athletes are surprised because in the age of the Internet and digital technology, there are still people who believe in the oldest gossip and rumors heard elsewhere, without any evidence, neither practical nor scientific.  

Infertility and impotence.   

When an ignorant person is told about steroids, the first thing that comes to mind is that all incompetent people use various drugs to destroy their masculine power. During the cycle of taking steroids, a man becomes so energetic that his body begins to require sex several times a day. But after the cycle is over, this effect will go away naturally, but the libido will still return to its normal form, as before taking steroids. It is worth noting that despite this, incorrect usage by athletes has also led to impotence, and some have “returned to work” after several months of treatment. But you must be careful! You need to pass a hormone test before and after administration, and take PCT (hormonal recovery) for one cycle. Basically, these issues are welcomed by people who don’t understand this at all and take large doses of steroids incorrectly but don’t even know anything about recovery (PCT). 

The same effect can be achieved without steroids.  

These are also common misconceptions about steroids, because various substances provide your body with an amazing amount of substances needed for muscle building. To achieve the same effect through a normal diet, you must be a real monster with genetic damage. There have been such cases in history, but there are fewer than three, so we can confidently say that without the use of drugs, there will be no surprising results. 

The struggle with steroids in professional sports has led athletes to give up these substances. 

This rule applies not only to bodybuilding representatives but also to all athletes. Due to strict doping regulations, the laboratory has only invented some substances that allow you to bypass various controls and prevent athletes from being noticed when using steroids or other illegal drugs. 

After taking steroids, you will look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Another myth, in fact, the use of steroids will not bring you much benefit. In addition to steroids, you have to eat well and practice hard and properly. The effect of only one steroid dose will not be big, and you must be able to maintain the effect you get! Most inexperienced athletes were recruited immediately after the cycle and combined everything they wrote, and they were fired like a ball. This is called a recoil phenomenon because the athlete’s testosterone content drops sharply after the cycle ends. During the cycle, the athlete consumes many times more testosterone than his body produces! After the course of treatment is over, the drug stops, so the production of testosterone is reduced, and the body with a low testosterone levels cannot keep up with such a large amount of mass and excrete it. Perform PCT to maintain the maximum quality obtained, thereby minimizing losses and restoring your body (liver, kidney, heart, testes, etc.).

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