T3 burns calories unlike any other supplement, making it the ultimate fat burner and metabolism booster.

T3 is a synthetic thyroid hormone with triiodide-analogue, thyronine’s liothyronine sodium, as its primary component.

Thyroid hormones not only support better brain health, but they also support the body’s control of protein, fat, carbohydrate, and body temperature metabolism.

The body starts burning more nutrients when T3 (Cytomel) is added, and the BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) accelerates as a result, producing rapid fat burning!


What changes does T3 make to my body?


What T3 (Cytomel) dosage is suggested?

25-150mcg per day for men is the recommended dosage.

Minimum cycle duration: 4 weeks

6 weeks is the optimum cycle length.

8 to 10 weeks is the maximum cycle length.

Female dose: 25–150 mg daily, same cycle durations

When using this steroid, it’s crucial to taper your dosage up at first and then down when you want to quit.

Never discontinue this supplement unexpectedly.

Although we always advise speaking with your doctor first to see whether you have any thyroid issues, an illustration might resemble this:

-Week 1: One pump (25mg)

-Week two: two pumps (50mg)

-3 pumps for the third week (75mg)

-Weekly: four pumps (100mg)

-Week 5: Three pumps (75mg)

-Week six: two pumps (50mg)

-Week 7 — one pump (25mg)

-No pumps in week 8 (Discontinue for next 4-6 weeks)

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As long as the proper dosages are followed, using steroids can be safe and advantageous to your workout, regardless of whether you’re a lady new to the world of steroids or trying to lean out or bulk up. We are here to offer our professional opinion, but before beginning any new steroid, always speak with your doctor.

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