The highly-tolerated nature of Anavar (also known as Oxandrolone) is well known across the bodybuilding community. In their quest to improve performance and unlock their true physical potential, many people frequently start with this steroid.

However, this medicine has FDA approval, unlike the majority of steroids.

It was first made available in the 1960s by a pharmaceutical company (G.D. Searle & Co.) to help treat patients with diseases that cause muscle atrophy. Anavar is administered to patients with conditions like osteoporosis, catabolic disease, burns, infections, and recovery from surgery.

Additionally, it required FDA permission in order for a family physician to prescribe it.

It is still FDA-approved and administered today to women and even kids because of its effectiveness and few negative effects.

Disclaimer: Despite the fact that Oxandrolone is approved by the FDA, the FDA does not approve any anabolics for use in recreational activities.

First, What is Anavar?

What is Anavar? Without going too technical, it is a structurally modified anabolic steroid, or more precisely a DHT hormone.

It can be consumed orally rather than being injected since the chemical structure has been changed to make it difficult to break down.

Due to how simple it is to take, this has increased its popularity as a beginner steroid.

Top 6 Benefits of Using Anavar:

Fat Loss

Muscle Gain

Strength Building

Safe For Females

Very limited side effects


Does Anavar help you lose weight?

Anavar is frequently regarded as a cutting steroid and most definitely aids in fat loss. Your metabolism is raised by it by altering the ratio of thyroid hormones that are active. It boosts the T3 to T4 ratio specifically.

Participants in clinical experiments shed an average of 5 pounds of fat while gaining 9 pounds of muscle on very mild dosages and no exercise.

Anavar Dosage: For Men & Women.

Anavar Dosage for Men:

Anavar Dosage for Women:

             – Exceeding 10 mg every day is not advised as you face a higher risk of virilization.

Anavar for females?

Dreaded virilization. When it comes to accessible steroids, deepened voices, a stiffened jawline, smaller breasts, and irregular menstruation cycles are all frequently encountered issues.

Since Anavar thankfully does not have these negative side effects, it has long been a favourite among female athletes and bodybuilders.

Because of this, we adore Anavar and enthusiastically advise our female customers to buy it.

Where to Buy Anavar in Canada?

As a result of its enormous popularity, high cost, and high demand, Anavar is by far the most often counterfeited anabolic on the market.

Nowadays, it’s really difficult to find genuine Anavar because most Underground Steroid Labs mix it with less expensive anabolics like Winstrol and other orals to enhance the user’s experience.

The genuine effects of real Anavar can only be understood by someone who has used it.

You can trust that at Order Steroids, we only sell micronized Anavar (Oxandrolone) that is 100% pure and free of any additives or fillers.

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