When thinking about the word “steroids” we all picture a person all shredded and muscular like Arnold Schwarzenegger. But nowadays, this is not the typical profile of a person that uses steroids. If there have always been men who use steroids to build muscle mass, lately these years, the number of women using steroids for fat burning and muscle building purposes has increased. 

What are the best steroids for women?

Anavar or also called the girl steroid is the most popular among women and they have been satisfied with the results. With the right amount of doses, this steroid burns the fat and produces noticeable muscle mass. Most of the females that have used Anavar in a moderate dosage did not experience the main side effect being the “virilization” that translates to turning into a man. However, the ones that took higher doses, did in fact experience masculinization and other side symptoms. Women that take an Anavar cycle can take 5-10mg per day and have successful results. Anything above 10mg/day is unnecessary and can bring side effects to the scene. 

Anadrol is a steroid that has caused many discussions about whether it’s suitable for women because it men, it would produce severe side effects. But,  after some research, it was found that it did not produce the same effects in women as it did in men. It is one of the only steroids that can be taken with mega dosage and have no negative impact on the female organism. 5mg of Anavar is equivalent to 25mg of Anadrol which means the side effects are unnoticeable. 

Clenbuterol, due to its powerful fat-burning effects is often mistakenly stated as a cutting steroid when in fact technically is not even asteroid. Used as a medicine for those who suffer acute asthma, it is actually a bronchodilator. People who take it will experience body temperature will rise and they sweat, leading to body fat burning. A minor side effect clenbuterol has is increasing blood pressure so anyone who starts taking it should monitor their blood pressure to avoid any severe issues. 

There are some steroids that will provide the desired results to women who start taking them but, all steroids are anabolic by their nature. This means that they will increase masculine characteristics that can be quite noticeable and this is not a situation that any woman wants to be in. That’s why you should be very careful and think twice when starting a steroid cycle. 

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